New Year's Eve -- 18K
Just another night, another ER, another sick Mulder.

A Nice Trip to the Forest -- 27K
Mystical woods, rampaging creatures, just another day in the X files division.

A Night at Waverly Hills -- 28K
Waverly Hills is considered one of the most haunted places in North America. No wonder Scully would pick it to spend a night near Halloween -- after all, it was a hospital. Written for Virtual Season 14 Episode 14x2

The Night Before Christmas -- 19K
Another story inspired by the music of Amy Grant. Tissue warning but it's a night for miracles.

Nightmares -- 8K
If it really were only a nightmare, we could all wake up.

Not the End of the Game -- 56K
JoBeth Carson, MD, runs into Agents Mulder and Scully again -- this time at a military hospital just north of the Arctic Circle.

Number 34 -- 6K
Mulder's not the only one with nightmares.

Nuttin' But Time -- 58K
An assailant who can disappear at will leads the X files agents into deadly territory. Written for Virtual Season 16 Episode 16x4

Off the Beaten Path -- 41K
Post ep for Detour. Written for After the Fact Challenge.

On the Dock -- 22K
Missing scene on the dock while Mulder and Scully wait for the ambulance after Mulder is shot.

On Your Back -- 7K
Fill in the blank for the episode Existence.

Once More With Feeling -- 65K
Some cases just never seem to stay closed, as Mulder and Scully discover, almost too late.

One More Drive -- 44K
Post ep for Drive with a minor twist. Written for After The Fact Challenge for "Drive."

Only the Righteous -- 35K
Fill in the blank. Can you guess which one I chose?

Out of the Cold -- 416K
It's 1991. Fox Mulder has been a profiler under Bill Patterson for over a year and a half. He's facing one of his hardest cases, and a nasty cold. Both of them are about to get worse.
1999 Purple Heart Award: Best Novel (Current Category)
1999 Purple Heart Award: Best X-File (Current Category)

Over the River and Through the Woods -- 21K
Mulder and Scully are invited to share Thanksgiving Dinner with the Gunmen. Mayhem ensues. Written for Virtual Season 11 Episode 11x4

Paradigm -- 116K
When given her heart's desire, will Scully be able to give it back? Written for Virtual Season 14 Episode 14x3

Passages -- 38K
Mulder and Scully are expecting a child.

Part of the Plan -- 7K
The report of a successful project coordinator. Yes, government _is_ this anal retentive.

People Are Strange -- 29K
Mulder, Scully, and the Doors. But it's not your normal song fic.

Picture Perfect -- 6K
One picture says a thousand words, but do they all have to be depressing?

Priorities -- 13K
A father is faced with two conflicting events and is forced to decide his priorities, for right or wrong. A different look at the Mulder household.

Psi Time for Skeptics -- 79K
Mulder and Scully, on vacation at Disney World, stumble onto a case of mind-blowing proportions. Written for Virtual Season 9 Episode 9x11

Puppy Love -- 116K
Not your usual Valentine's Day story. Here be werewolves. Written for Virtual Season 12 Episode 12x12

Pushed by Fate -- 17K
Missing scene from the episode "Pusher."

Remember -- 5K
Maggie returns a favor.

Resistance 1 -- 85K
It's 2012. William Van de Kamp knows more than his parents think he knows. He's about to embark on an adventure that will change his life forever.

Resistance 2 -- 69K
It's Christmas, 2012. The Mulder family has come a long way, from Mexico into the mountains of Canada. But the invasion isn't far behind them.

Reunited -- 14K
After escaping the MIB's at the mining company, Mulder and Scully find something they can't escape-- their feelings for each other.

The Ring -- 19K
Fill in the blank to explain the cigarette and the wedding ring seen in the episode "Travelers."

The Road More Traveled -- 11K
Scully runs into an old friend and catches a glimpse of what she might have missed.

Rotation -- 48K
Fill in the blank for "Brand X."

Ruminations on Ice -- 27K
Fill in the blank story about what happened between sitting next to the ice crater and talking to Agent What's Her Face in DC.

Scratch -- 23K
Mulder and Scully spend New Yearsí Eve in the ER. Written for Virtual Season 17 Episode 17x1

Secrets Long Forgotten -- 15K
A slightly twisted ending to the episode "Demons."

Seventeen Hundred Dollars -- 6K
All that gleaming metal just needed an explanation.

She Ditched Him? -- 26K
Fill in the blank for "Tithonus." Mulder and Maggie make their way to New York after a call with Agent Ritter. Prequel to Lucky Man

She Never Really Left -- 26K
Scully approaches a problem using the scientific method, but finds it doesn't really apply. Sequel to Brandon Ray's story If She Does Not Return and prequel to his fic I Guess She's Mine

Sinfully Delicious -- 116K
Mulder plus Valentine's equal sudden violent attacks? Must be an X file. Written for Virtual Season 13 Episode 13x7

SLAM! -- 7K
It all starts with the slamming of a door.

Smallville X -- 21K
Mulder and Scully are sent to Smallville to investigate the strange happenings surround a teen-aged boy. Written for Virtual Season 11 Episode 11x11 - Crossover with Smallville

Snowthunder -- 15K
Snow and lightning can make for plenty of thunder. Written for Virtual Season 13 Episode 13x11

Some Enchanted Evening II: Tonight, Tonight -- 10K
Mulder has a date, but is tonight the night?

Something to Remember -- 45K
Mulder is the only person who can tell Skinner where to find Scully--but he can't remember anything about his life.

Somewhere Under Wraps -- 158K
Scully's thoughts as she and Mulder tackle two extreme possibilities -- one involving unexplained deaths in New Jersey and the other their own unusual relationship.

Song and Dance -- 9K
Scully's thoughts during a dance.

Stitches in Time -- 45K
Third person observation of Mulder's gunshot wound and hospital stay.
1998 Purple Heart Award: Best First Person Story (Current Category)

Storm Tossed -- 14K
Mrs. Mulder's feelings on the day after her daughter disappears and her son is in a coma. What will she do to protect the one left behind?

Stunned -- 21K
Fill in the blank for "Biogenesis." A lot can happen during commercials.

Surviving the News -- 37K
Post ep for "Redux II." By my count, Mulder didn't sleep or eat during the time he left Scully for Canada until he told Skinner the news of her remission. That's enough to make anyone pass out. As seen through Maggie's eyes.

Surviving the News: The Return -- 52K
Post ep for "Requiem." Maggie prayed and prayed for the day to come. She waited by the phone, expecting any minute it would ring and tell her the news she'd been hoping for all the three long months of waiting. When it happened, finally, one rainy Thursday night late in August, she knew her work was just starting.

Taking in a Stray -- 12K
Late at night, Margaret Scully has a visitor.

The Temp -- 40K
Mulder's attempt to function during Scully's absence as seen through the eyes of a temporary secretary.

The Temptation -- 24K
A Very Influential Person makes Mulder an offer few could refuse.

Tenebrous -- 88K
When two kids go missing in the desert night, it sets a course of tragic changes for the X Files Division. Written for Virtual Season 13 Episode 13x16 - Prequel to Tintabulation

Termination -- 85K
Mulder and the Black Cancer. Is he dying? Or could things in the past (and someone in his present) have come back to save him this time?

That Ole Black Magic -- 10K
The Lonegunmen find out some more about Diana Fowley and tell Scully.

Thief in the Night -- 12K
Fill in the blank for "Theef." Scully steps into someone else's shoes.

Together... Always -- 15K
Missing scene from episode "Wetwired."

Tombstones -- 7K
Fill in the blank for "Within," just after Doggett reveals Mulder's tombstone with the death date of 2000.

Trial -- 20K
Here it is, Halloween. The night of the walking dead. And what is the X Files Division doing? Written for Virtual Season 10 Episode 10x3

Turkey Trot -- 30K
Can an old dog learn new tricks? Written for Virtual Season 15 Episode 15x4

Turns in the Road -- 23K
TMulder's recollections as the partners spend the night in the wilds of the Florida forest.

Two Women, One Man -- 4K
I can't turn my head to see, but I hear her thoughts and her footsteps. Diana. Et tu Brute?

Unto Which of the Angels -- 75K
Mulder has to deal with angels.

Vigil -- 71K
Mrs. Mulder's thoughts as she sits with her injured son.

The Visit -- 8K
What was Samantha thinking about when her father called to arrange the meeting?

The Waiting -- 31K
Mulder is waiting for word on Scully, as seen through the eyes of an independent observer. Set during "Beyond the Sea."

Walking Across Fire -- 7K
Fill in the blank for "Firewalker." Mulder has to choose, but is the choice his to make?

We Wish You a Merry Christmas -- 34K
Mulder discovers that at Christmas, the most unusual heroes can be found in the most unusual places. Written for Virtual Season 13 Episode 13x5

Welcome to New Rochelle -- 18K
Mulder meets the Dick Van Dyke Show.

A Whiter Shade of Pale -- 21K
Mulder deals with paralysis while Scully deals with the case.

Wired For Sound -- 42K
What if Scully's gun had gone off in the episode "Wetwired"?

Working Our Way Forward -- 18K
Fill in the blank for "One Son."

The Y Folders -- 89K
A television producer disappears under mysterious circumstances. Must be a Y Folder.

Yes, Fox, There Really is a Santa -- 30K
Mulder's disbelief is challenged. Written for Virtual Season 11 Episode 11x8

The Rest of the Stories # - M