155 Words: Mulder and Scully Make a Baby -- 2K
Mulder and Scully make a baby.

Abraham and Isaac -- 70K
Mulder's severe head injury shakes loose some memories about his father and his part in the conspiracy.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words -- 22K
Sometimes, living together is almost as hard as living apart. Written for Virtual Season 11 Episode 11x14

Adventures in Babysitting -- 30K
Scully's thoughts as she gets her first taste of the conspiracy and begins to understand her reckless partner.

Aftermath -- 136K
Mulder and Scully get married and leave the Bureau.
1998 Purple Heart Award: Best Long Story (Vintage Category)

Ah, Perchance to Dream -- 9K
Mulder's not the only one with nightmares.

Airport Story -- 17K
Mulder decides to surprise Scully and Maggie with a Christmas trip to San Diego, but things don't quite work out as planned. Written for Virtual Season 10 Episode 10x10

All Alone -- 22K
Scully needs to do something about Mulder's attitude, especially once she realizes it's personal.

All the King's Men -- 19K
It hadn't been seen in the past 20 years but Mulder figured it was still worth trying. Written for Virtual Season 11 Episode 11x1

All the Time -- 12K
Just a short story about how I would feel if my partner did the boneheaded kind of things Mulder manages to pull off.

All the Way Home -- 13K
Skinner doesn't understand how Scully can be so calm.

All Things Again -- 60K
Post Monday, Scully confronts another lifetime and Mulder is on the receiving end.

Always Darkness Before the Dawn -- 96K
"Hot Zone" treatment of events at the end of the episode. Lots of medical stuff, military stuff and bug stuff.

American Gothic X -- 19K
Just a quiet Thanksgiving along the side of the road. Written for Virtual Season 14 Episode 14x4

And a Bottle of Rum -- 28K
Mulder and Scully go after some pirates of the Caribbean.

Angles and Planes -- 17K
Hey, it's the Bermuda Triangle.

Another Piece of Cherry Pie -- 40K
Mulder and Scully investigate a murder in Twin Peaks, Washington and stumble into a world unlike any they have ever encountered. Written for Virtual Season 14 Episode 14x12 - Crossover with Twin Peaks

Apology For the Truth -- 33K
Scully deals with the aftermath of Mulder's case. Post ep for "I Want To Believe."

Big Blue Blues -- 27K
Mulder wished for a peg leg on the rock, but what if it came true?

Blessings Along the Way -- 41K
Mulder determines how to cure Scully's cancer in a way that brings them both some new realizations.

Bored Games -- 12K
Sometimes it gets pretty boring on the road. A little harmless entertainment can help pass the long nights.

Bovine Dreams of Flight -- 9K
Finally, a little MT from the episode "Rain King."

A Brand I Don't Like -- 39K
Fill in the blanks for Brand X, in Mulder's own words.

A Brave New World - Humility -- 119K
post IWTB, our two favorite agents are entering a brave new world. Will they be able to meet it?

Breath of Heaven -- 41K
A Christmas miracle, and the promise of another yet to come. Just so no one is offended, Christian overtones.

Broken Fingers, Mended Hearts -- 18K
Scully confronts Mulder and fixes his broken finger.
1998 Purple Heart Award: Best Short Story (Current Category)

Bruised and Bloody -- 33K
Two agents, one pizza delivery vampire and a wooden chair leg.

Buffaloed -- 45K
Mulder and Scully are on the outs, but still together on the things that truly matter.

Burns -- 45K
Mulder is getting the burns on his arms cared for, but is the case really over?

Call of the Wild -- 59K
JoBeth Carson crosses paths with the FBI once again.

The Chaplain -- 10K
I always wondered how Scully came to her Epiphany the next day.

Charlie's Warning -- 58K
What happens about three months after the exorcism in "The Calusari."

Circles and Squares -- 18K
Post-ep for "Triangle" but not quite what you might expect.

Classy Reunion -- 36K
Mulder drags Scully to her class reunion.

Clearing the Decks -- 27K
Dana Scully, newly assigned agent to the X Files Division, deals with the dilemma of having two men in her life.

Comfort -- 17K
Mulder's thoughts when he's been shot.

Coming to a Conclusion -- 16K
Post ep for "Vienen" and pre ep for "Alone." Mulder reaches a conclusion.

Compromising Position -- 7K
In business and in government, when a man and a woman are caught in a compromising position, it's always worse for the woman.

Confronting the Facts -- 10K
Continuing the scene after the door closed at the end of DeadAlive.
Prequel to Mulder and Scully 101 and It All Comes Home

Consequences -- 40K
The consequences of our actions sometimes exact a very high price, as a father learns. Sequel to Priorities

A Cornered Fox -- 51K
Mulder is depressed, Skinner is suspicious, Scully is worried. Oh, and Linda Bowman is in there, too.

Crenshaw Mansion -- 98K
Investigating the disappearance of a Forestry employee, Mulder and Scully stumble on a horrible secret that almost separates them forever. Written for Virtual Season 12 Episode 12x18

Crying Towel -- 24K
Sometimes all you need is a good cry with a friend.

Days of Bile and Roses -- 15K
Mulder is experiencing a some residual affects after his run in with Eugene.

Demons in the Light of Day -- 10K
What happened between Mulder collapsing and Scully typing at the end of the episode "Demons."

Deputy Dan -- 30K
It's Halloween night and Mulder and Scully get caught up in a manhunt.

Devotions -- 10K
Mulder finds Scully at Mass after a hard case. They both get something out of it.

Dream a Little Dream -- 26K
The Hospital Scenes from "Endgame." Prequel to The Friendly Skies

Dreamcatcher -- 65K
Mulder and Scully, still on the lam with William in tow, stumble onto an ancient Native American legend in the badlands of South Dakota.

Drought -- 305K
Drought, n., a long period of abnormally low rainfall, especially one that adversely affects growing and living conditions. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Emasculated -- 26K
The quarantine that was imposed following the outbreak of F. Emasculata and what happened to our favorite FBI agents.

Epistles for Fox and Dana -- 33K
No, it can't be happening! Not the Rift again! I thought we resolved that damn plot line! Well, looks like I'm just gonna have to resolve it *again*.

Every Little Thing She Does -- 9K
Many changes are coming for Mulder and Scully and Mulder is afraid of what it will mean for them as partners.

The Face of Madness -- 68K
Follow up to the ending of "Grotesque."

Fall of the Axe -- 41K
Fill in the blank for "I Want To Believe" -- Skinner hug to last scene.

Falling -- 37K
One of the X-Files comic books written in story form.

The Far Side of X -- 36K
His head hurt. Mulder's eyes were still tightly clamped shut, but he knew without even looking that whatever light there was would surely burn a hole right through his brain. He was not going to open his eyes for love nor money.

Fati Compli -- 35K
After Scully walked away from Mulder standing in his doorway, what was she thinking?

Fevers of the Mind -- 62K
Between 'you . . . help . . . me' and Scully coming to Mulder's door in "Amor Fati" a whole lot happened.

The Fight -- 31K
When Mulder loses his memory after a fight with Scully, does she really want him to remember what happened?

Finding Her -- 73K
Mulder finds a connection to the case that he never could have expected.

First Steps -- 7K
What was lost is found.

Fitting In -- 14K
Post "Three Words," Mulder and Scully finally have it out.

Follies of the Mind: Skinner's Thoughts -- 35K
Follies of the Mind II: Scully's Thoughts -- 29K
Follies of the Mind III: Mulder's Thoughts -- 32K
Follies of the Mind IV: Epilogue
-- 17K
Fill in the blanks of "Folie a Deux."
1998 Purple Heart Award: Best Episode Story (Current Category)

The Friendly Skies -- 18K
This continues the story after Mulder and Scully have left the hospital at the end of Endgame. Sequel to Dream a Little Dream

From Roswell to Virginia 1: The Offer -- 134K
What happened between May 2002 and January 2008.

From Roswell to Virginia 2: All Alone in the Wilderness -- 56K
Another Christmas is fast approaching and Scully gets an unexpected present from her big brother Bill. Unexpected and unwanted.

Funeral For a Friend -- 8K
Mulder stands at a grave side and remembers.

Furlough -- 24K
The recent furlough of the Federal Government was just too good to pass up.

The Game -- 21K
How Mr. and Mrs. Mulder made the choice between the two children.

Ghost Pencils in the Sky -- 13K
How did Scully and Mulder get alllllllll those pencils down from the ceiling?

Giving Thanks -- 12K
Just a little Thanksgiving story.

Great Balls of Fire -- 101K
Two words: ball lightning.

Guilty as Charged -- 172K
Mulder faces his worst nightmare and it's up to Scully to wake him up in time.

The Gurgle of Fish -- 91K
Mulder just can't seem to catch a break. Things go from bad to much, much worse.

Homecoming -- 17K
Mulder's back, the baby's born, and now it's time to come home.

How to Cure a Bad Patient -- 62K
Mulder's a horrible patient, Scully's beside herself trying to help him recover and get her work done, but maybe Maggie can help them both.
1998 Purple Heart Award: Best Humor Story (Current Category)
1998 Purple Heart Award: Best Humor Story (Vintage Category)

Hurting Heart -- 12K
Scully examines her heart after things have calmed down.

I Should Have Seen it Coming -- 19K
Without sight, without sound, he should have seen it coming.

I Want to Believe -- 14K
Scully, the Gunmen, a bottle of tequila and only one lime. The truth is out there or rather, in here.

I'll Always Be Watching -- 5K
An alternate ending to the episode "Herrenvolk."

I'm Gonna Kick Their... -- 11K
The smile on her face was worth a hundred dollar bottle of wine.

In the Blood -- 35K
What exactly is the effect of exposure to LSDM?

In the Darkness Comes a Light -- 82K
Mulder keeps everything bottled up inside him a little too long and Scully has to give him the faith he's lacking.
1998 Purple Heart Award: Best Long Story (Current Category)

Iniquity -- 205K
While still working on Domestic Terrorism, Scully takes a vacation and Mulder finds himself doing a profile.

It All Comes Home -- 18K
Mulder and Scully 101. Seeing is believing. Set the morning after the Existence Kiss. Sequel to Confronting the Facts and Mulder and Scully 101

Joy and Sorrow -- 13K
Maggie gets a late night call.

Judderman -- 36K
When the wind blows cold, beware the Judderman. Written for Virtual Season 14 Episode 14x6

Just Another Day on the Oil Rig -- 36K
Bits and Pieces connecting the dots from the beginning to the end of "Vienen" through Mulder's point of view.

Just Checking -- 37K
A "fill in the blank" companion piece to Susan Proto's "Under the Weather".

Just Like Walter Mitty -- 8K
Just a typical day in the life of a minor character. Can you guess who it is?

Keep the Torch Lit -- 13K
The last possible fill-in-the-blank for FTF.

Lactrodectus -- 19K
When the wind blows cold, beware the Judderman. Written for Virtual Season 13 Episode 13x1

Lake of Stars -- 11K
Mulder and Scully bond as they compare near death experiences.

Lazarus Reborn -- 80K
The episode "Lazarus" from the first season, as it was originally intended.

Letting the Demons Go -- 83K
What happened from the time of Scully's phone call on Friday to the time Mulder wakes up on Sunday and beyond.

Letting the Demons Go - Salvation -- 39K
Demons aftermath as told by Scully.

Lies and More Lies -- 104K
I have rewritten the season finale (or should I say 'prewritten' since I haven't seen it yet), tying up as many loose ends and staying as consistent as I could to what has come up during the sixth season.

Life Cycles VIII: In the Name of the Father -- 14K
Scully realizes how important her religion is to her. Part of Susan Proto's Life Cycles series.

Little House in the Woods -- 5K
Flick spoiler fic -- with a slight twist.

A Long Road Ahead -- 123K
" I had no idea if he could really read minds and ordinarily, I couldn't really give a shit if he could or not. But I didn't want him reading my mind right then. Not by a long shot." Skinner POV

Loose Ends -- 12K
Tying up "all things."

Love Hurts -- 26K
The agents investigate suicides of couples in Chicago. Written for Virtual Season 15 Episode 15x9

Lucky Man -- 20K
Mulder, an OPR hearing and why Ritter nodded when Mulder told him he was lucky. Sequel to 'She Ditched Him?'

Massacre -- 67K
Scully's thoughts as she gets her first taste of the conspiracy and begins to understand her reckless partner.

Matty's Big Adventure -- 32K
Trick or treating will never be the same for Matthew Scully. Written for Virtual Seaon 15 Episode 15x2

Merry Christmas, Scully -- 11K
How did Mulder and Scully spend Christmas Eve, 1999?

The Mindhunter -- 56K
The Phoenix area District Attorney's resident psychic, Alison Dubois, is about to make the acquaintance of the FBI's top profiler and his enigmatic partner. None of them will ever be the same. Crossover with Medium. Written for Virtual Seaon 13 Episode 13x9

A Modest Defense -- 15K
There is shipper, and then there is this. Some call it sap, some call it mush, some call it mind candy, but I call it an argument in defense of an action.

Monday, Monday -- 7K
They didn't show all the people affected by the day. One mother's view.

Monkeypee -- 51K
A fill in the blank from "The Erlenmeyer Flask." What happened after the exchange on the bridge.

Mother of the Bride -- 20K
Maggie gets another late night phone call that changes her world.

Moving On -- 30K
Mulder has to clean out his father's house and gets an unexpected visit.

Mulder and Scully 101 -- 20K
In Scully's apartment, a long awaited kiss. But elsewhere, the truth is learned. Sequel to Confronting the Facts and prequel to It All Comes Home

Mulder's Inferno -- 13K
More fill in the blank for Signs and Wonders. Mulder's POV

A Multitude of Heavenly Hosts -- 79K
Mulder and Scully encounter their Guardian Angels and the conspiracy gets mixed up in there, too.

My Constant -- 18K
Fill in the blank, like the quantum leap from the DOD to Mulder's apartment.

My Dearest Son -- 15K
Mulder sets the record straight.

My Dream of Scully With the Dark Red Hair -- 23K
Dr. JD Dorian of Sacred Heart Hospital comes face to face with his latest fantasy girl -- Special Agent Dana Scully. Too bad she had to bring her partner with her. Written for Virtual Seaon 13 Episode 13x9

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