There have been a dozen or so stories written about how they go on without William, or how they meet up with him after years and he doesn't know them. They are all very nice. This is not one of those stories.

Flight into Egypt -- 30K
After the rain, changes.

Making a Home -- 40K
Mulder and Scully have William with them and are making a life for themselves in Montana.

Making a Life -- 30K
Seeing that little brick building always reminded her. She wasn't really home, not yet.

Games -- 51K
An early fall afternoon, a parish picnic, a baseball game, what could possibly go wrong?

New Life -- 38K
Mulder and Scully find themselves on different sides of an important decision.

Doing it Right -- 220K
It's been two years since they left their old lives behind and arrived in Alexandria, MT. There have been big changes in the Hale household, but there are dark clouds on the horizon. Back home, the search for the truth continues.

Going Home -- 291K
Colonization has been averted; the agents are no longer wanted criminals. It's time for the 'Hales' to go home. But what awaits them when they encounter their old lives?