By Her Side -- 32K
Bill Scully gets a call from his mother to go to his sister's side. But not for a reason he approves of.
1999 Purple Heart Award:Best First Person Story (Current Category)

The Awakening -- 22K
Bill takes up watch over an injured Mulder and tries to reconcile some old feelings.

Talk of Changes -- 42K
Bill and Mulder talk about Mulder's relationship with Dana. And a six pack of beer gets involved.

Tara's Story -- 43K
Tara Scully giving her thoughts on the matter.

Mulder's Story -- 13K
By popular demand, Mulder gives his thoughts as he recovers from a gun shot wound to the chest.

Scully's Two Cents -- 14K
Scully's input.

Epilogue by Bill -- 8K
Bill's final thoughts on this little incident.

That Voice -- 37K
Bill Scully stumbles onto something he never wanted to see and now must learn to keep a secret . . . from his mother.

The Edict -- 76K
Bill put his foot in his mouth and Mulder has to stay at Maggie's house, sharing a room with him.

Until He's Found -- 14K
Maggie finds out.

Mother of the Bride -- 23K
A momentous occasion in Maggie Scully's life.

A Christmas Story -- 43K
Bill Scully gets more than he bargained for as he hosts Christmas for his now extended family.