Open Sea -- 141K
Mulder and Scully's journal entries during the episode "Beyond the Sea."
1998 Purple Heart Award:Best Episode Story (Vintage Category)

Burning Book
-- 128K
Journal entries made by Mulder and Scully during the episode "Fire."

Open Book -- 294K
Mulder writes in his journal and Scully confides in her diary as a devastating abduction case tears them both apart.

Open Hearts -- 257K
Mulder and Scully's journal entries during the episode "Paper Hearts."

Open Hearts 02: Heart Surgery -- 15K
Mulder is suspended for one month and Scully is told to get all of the work-related materials from his apartment for the duration. Scully agrees to help Mulder clean out his mother's basement if he will give her all of the casefiles he keeps at home without giving her a hard time.

Open Secrets -- 38K
Mulder and Scully's journal entries.

The Sound Of Your Voice -- 121K
Mulder and Scully are both injured on a case and are placed on separate floors of the hospital. What ensues is an audio record of the case from both their perspectives.